Scott Whitehouse On Finishing Unsung Hero

December 19th, 2016 11:42PM 

I just walked out of Gold Smith Studios to conclude our final mixing session for our upcoming full length album, Unsung Hero. This work has been a culmination of a lot of different musics and peoples over a vast timeline. There are a lot of tracks so we will be releasing our works as two separate albums. We feel this is the optimal way to give you our very best and still get this music out soon… Plus it’s just two separate albums. Like it SOUNDS like two completely separate albums. 

Thank you to everyone who has been a part this process, large or small. In the end, it turned out we needed every bit of energy and aid we were offered. The aspirations, talent and ideas that have shaped this album are much greater than anything I could have created individually. The heart of this beast comes in multiples and is overwhelming. Nicholas Layman has lead us to be as fearless and ambitious in studio as we are live. The irony of this being the album really doesn’t sound like JHW’s live performances and I think that is one of my favorite things about it. We all believe that the things we would like to challenge and display on a studio album are drastically different than the live show mirror of those same goals. The album has never tried to be a knock off of our gig routine and tricks. It’s a bigger and more bizarre entity entirely 

We will be releasing Unsung Hero in early 2017. We will be announcing the release date of said full length, singles, and shows even earlier in 2017. Done. Finished. Weight off my shoulders. Walk into the sunset. Meet an Alien Princess. 

Scott Winston Whitehouse

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