JHW Canon

A primary focus of Jack Holiday & the Westerners is the storyline which surrounds the music. The plot takes place over
four albums, a 6 issue comic, and a novel. 

The narrative centers on the characters and events regarding the origins of the band name, "Jack Holiday & The Westerners."

The first two albums  are a series of vignettes that follow a changing and evolving relationship. It serves as a prequel and stylistic introduction to one of the main characters, Vincent Rogers.

Scott Whitehouse

Lamar Cornett

He plays drums and video games.
He smokes weed and competition.
He reads comics and minds.

Zach Groves

Mecha Bear Unit ZXG

Ben Short

The beloved bass player of JHW. He is a practicing Yoga instructor and an over all swell guy. 

Vinnie Vicious

Vinnie Kochert AKA "Vinnie Vicious" is a versatile Louisville artist. Whether you run into Vinnie as a tattoo artist at Twisted Images, doing live art at Forecastle, or just one of those nights where he is relaxing in a kilt jamming out on a baritone mandolin, you'll be impressed with Vinnie's work and style. He does live art at many JHW shows and has done all of the album related art to date.

And Many More!

Curious who will be the brass, strings or other auxiliary at the next JHW show? Check the specific event details to find out.