Kentucky Bands that are worth a Damn!

This is by no means to say these are the only Kentucky Bands worth a damn. I just like rhyming and couldn't resist the title. Here are some musical groups Kentucky has brought upon the world that I dig. These are in no order what so ever

---------------------------------------------------- Ford Theatre Reunon 

FTR is a Lexington based… circus punk band? Take a carnival tone, composed of accordions, clarinets, eccentric personalities/ costumes galore, and shove it in a tiny yellow car that is speeding down the spectrum of music, going 100 mph.  It's also important to note, this tiny yellow car has the world’s best (and most compact) orgy going on its interior. Now blazing this one lane “road de music” in the opposite direction, we have a giant blood stained black van filled with blaring electric guitars, catchy base lines, and harmonically filled screams. Also, there is a fuck ton of drugs in this van. I mean it is a cliché rock’n’roll paradise.  The splatter effect of those two vehicles crashing creates a colossal explosion reminiscent of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, and carnivale themed joy. As that is happening, we see the deceased souls from this catastrophic, yet harmonic, event embodied as cartoon like white ghosts floating up towards the heavens. They are singing their final song as they float up to the heavens in an oddly comedic fashion. That image is what Ford Theatre Reunion sounds like. 

Crucial Side Note: The bass player of FTR (Luke) is quite possibly the most trendy man to ever exist in all of humanity.  

----------------------------------------------------- Black Birds of Paradise

If FTR teaches you to appreciate accordion, BBP teaches you to get down with the vibraphone. A band to cool for school, BBP is a Louisville band with apparent 70’s inspiration but they have their own unique formula for applying such retro- day dreams to their style. They don’t sound like a classic rock band, or even a Louisville band for that matter. They sound like a bunch of talented friends got together and said, “You know what would be fun to do. Start a band that sounds like this.” Though the group address was no more specific than that, it made perfect sense to the like-minded (possibly telekinetic) pals, and that’s how 70’s inspired, vibraphone equipped, modern molded, Black Birds of Paradise was born… Well it’s how they were born if you just let this guy make up all the details and butcher all the facts. The end result is lyrically driven, reverb vibrant songs that make you feel that you’re tripping acid while watching the Wii shopping channel, and sometimes make you think there is an army of sharply dressed, toe tapping choir men trying to kindly invade your mind with stories against the status quo… maybe there against the status quo, or maybe that’s just the acid from the Wii channel talking.

------------------------------------------------------ The Tunesmiths

Are you hungry for some Indi as hell blues rock? You want a whiskey drinking, Kentucky band that doesn’t ever get blue grass? Check out The Tunesmiths. This band is like a boxer that has been relentlessly training on the fundamentals. Their presence is intimidating, and man does their punch pack a wallop! The Tunesmiths are tight, aggressive, and they know what they want to throw down. On top of this, Daniel Jackson is one of the most powerful front men you will ever see in your life. The man has a voice that will knock you on your ass, and jive talk that will make you want to cling on to every word he says in between songs. Reminiscent   of Otis Redding, Daniel hits this Louisville inspired band’s lyrics out of the park, while Bryce, Don, and Cal lets know what a rock’n’roll solid knockout punch feels like.

-------------------------------------------------------- Bear Medicine

Bear Medicine will these smoke filled dark fables into your mind. You want to be happy about these stories but the closer you listen to the lyrics you realize its like a far away light. Aside from the fact you'll be craving a lyric booklet for these guys asap. The instrumentation is quite warm and gentle. Sporting Flute, Cello, a warm finger plucked guitar and drums this band feels more like listening music at first, but do not be fooled. The drums will drive this bus to places you would never imagine, turning slow driven ballads into head nodding stand up songs, or even somethings to the point of dance. Bear Medicine is one of the very few bands I've ever heard of that has a legitimate arch-nemesis as well. Bear Medicine is a constant struggle against their evil counter-band, Whale Medicine, but I can't discuss too much about that anti-music aqua-rock quintet without taking on a full article. Check out Bear Medicine.

----------------------------------------------------------- White Knight

Owensboro is not big enough for these cool cats. White Knight consists of a bunch of guys who have had nothing else to do other than hang out and listen to music. I mean it is mind blowing how much these guys know about rock music through the generations. They know what they like and it’s obvious when you listen to their songs. This is a highly well-rehearsed group of rock musicians that love prog-rock, slick transitions, and solid jams. Out of every band I’ve ever heard from Kentucky, they bar none have both the most songs in their play book and they are the somehow also the most rock steady on every single one of them.

HONORABLE MENTIONS…my hand is tired… so you will get no additional information.

Been to The Gallows

​The Dirty Grindstones

Ultra Pulverize

Opossum Holler

- Scott W.


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