Henry Pink

As the future grows nearer,
I grow farther away. 
The boy who could dream of tomorrow,
becomes the man that thinks of today.
It's as if dying comes much earlier than death

As the tapping of hope grows stale, 
I examine another tool. 
The one once used for the grand chase,
is now used to prove the chaser a fool.
"I've got better things to do than you... 
Besides my shoes aren't the right size."

My feet have grown large and wooden, 
similar to my splintered nose.
My hands once made for melodies,
now my music excused, my fingers all stone.
"But It's all for the best once you see the big picture"

I like talking about my life
more than I like to feel.
Saying things like income taxes gives me a hard-on
until I realize income taxes are real.
Why is my identity tied up in circles?

In my off-time, I sit and wait
for the next crucial moment at steak.
The moments that die before we do. 
The ones we discard or fake,
unlike income taxes

"It's as if dying comes much earlier than death."

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